Google for Entrepreneurs supports the GiveMeTap African clean water initiative

March 03, 2015

Google for Entrepreneurs, 23rd February 2015

Buy a GiveMeTap metal water bottle, download the app, and a person in Africa gains access to clean drinking water. Google for Entrepreneurs has played a key role in GiveMeTap’s success from the beginning. It offered Founder Edwin Broni-Mensah a space to build a tight-knit team as well as an opportunity to be mentored by Google. Edwin says, “I’ve wanted to do this since 2010, and I’m really happy it’s what I’m doing today. Google has been instrumental in it all.” Meanwhile, GiveMeTap has won 18 business awards and is selling to corporations in countries across the globe, including the USA, Singapore and Switzerland. The company has sold 35,000 water bottles and, since May 2014, revenue has doubled. Best of all, though, GiveMeTap has helped over 5,000 people in Africa gain access to clean drinking water.