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Coronavirus Updates

How does COVID-19 affect shipping and what is or can be done to avoid the spread of this virus?

Our partnership with DPD & Royal Mail - Coronavirus

What is GiveMeTap doing to avoid spreading COVID-19?

Frequently Asked Questions

Product Related

What are the GiveMeTap bottles made from?

Are GiveMeTap bottles rust resistant?

What are dimensions of the bottle?

How heavy are these bottles?

Do the bottles come in a gift box? Or have any information that explains the giveback?

Where are GiveMeTap bottles made?

Does GiveMeTap have discounts for group or bulk orders?

Can I fly with my GiveMeTap bottle?

How do I clean my GiveMeTap bottle?


Does this really help my office reduce plastic waste?

Can I have the bottle in my own branding colours?

Do all the bottles come with the GiveMeTap logo on them?

Is there a minimum to get co-branded bottles?

What’s the best format to have my artwork?

Can I print a full colour image?

How long is co-branded bottle turnaround time?

Can I resell my custom GiveMeTap bottles?

What is the carbon footprint of each bottle?

How can I reduce my cost per co-branded bottle?

Giving in Africa

How do you give back?

General GiveMeTap Questions

How was GiveMeTap started?

Is GiveMeTap a non-profit organization?

Where can I find a retailer that sells GiveMeTap bottles?

Shipping & Returns

How do I track my order?

How much does shipping and handling cost?

What's GiveMeTap's Return Policy

If I return my bottle, does GiveMeTap take away 5 years of water access from a person?

If something goes wrong with my order what will happen?

What's your Joy Guaranteed offer?

Do you offer dropshipping and is there a monthly cost to store my bottles?

Frequently Asked Questions