Free water at a tap of a button with GiveMeTap’s Android App.

March 31, 2014

A prerequisite for any business to grow is to improve their technology and GiveMeTap are no exception. With the release of the social enterprise’s new Android & iOS App this month, they hope to make a splash and give consumers easier access to water while transforming the image of social enterprises.

Along with the re-launch of the iPhone App first published in 2013, GiveMeTap’s Android addition, created by Komodo Digital, has been much anticipated. The app allows you to locate your nearest café or shop that gives free water to anyone with the GiveMeTap bottle. Improved features include geo-location and social media-integrated features, allowing you to share your latest ‘tap in’ with others and see where others have tapped in via twitter.

‘The proportion of Android smartphone users is exploding,’ says Sanum, Head of Communications at the London-based social enterprise, ‘It just goes to show that in order for us to reach more people, technology will play an increasingly important role even though we are not a traditional ‘tech’ company. Social enterprises must be innovating in all areas of business to make the biggest impact.’

GiveMeTap hope that the App will boost value to their product, the stainless steel reusable water bottle. For every bottle purchased, GiveMeTap can provide one person in Africa with access to clean water. With increasing sales anticipated following the launch of the App, the impacts across Africa can extend to more villages and communities.

Based at the Google Campus in East London, dubbed the UK’s Silicon Valley, GiveMeTap are constantly inspired by the vast variety of tech businesses and start-ups around them. By taking a leaf out of their books, they hope to become a leader in social business, applying technology and innovation to make an impact around the world.