Woukura, Ghana

Ghana- Woukura

Tap Stats

Location: Woukura, Wa, Ghana
Completed: March 2014
Impact: 811 people now have access to water!

About the Project

If you bought your GiveMeTap Bottle between August 2013 - January 2014, you made this happen!

The Woukura community is located in Wa West District of the Upper West region and is about 32 kilometers away from the district capital Wechiau. Before the GiveMeTap pump was installed, the only water source available to the 811 people living there was a non-treated stream, half a kilometre away. Not only was the stream a dangerous, untreated source of water, but it was quickly drying out, making it even more necessary to install the water pump. GiveMeTap, in partnership with ProNet, have managed to eradicate water dangers for everyone in the community.