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663 million people lack access to clean water.

What should be a basic human right is a daily struggle for millions of people living in Africa. Here at GiveMeTap, we believe in a simple idea; 'water for everyone'. Clean water changes everything, and we're excited to solve this global problem in our lifetime, with the support of more than 70,000 people.


The start

Five years ago, the dream of getting a six-pack was all Edwin could think about. As his water consumption began to increase, so did his difficulty in finding free tap water on the go. The constant rejection from local cafes and restaurants combined with stories of his father growing up with little to no access to clean water set Edwin on a mission. What was supposed to be a six month challenge transformed into an epic journey and commitment to solving the global water crisis.

An impactful bottle

Our bottles have transformed and evolved many times over the last few years. But the one thing that will never change is their impact. Every bottle gives a person in Africa 5 years of clean drinking water.

For every bottle sold, we donate 20% of the revenue directly to our NGO partners in Africa. We then work with them to dig boreholes and install pumps in struggling rural communities.

16,199 people now have clean water

32,400,000 fewer plastic bottles
in landfill and ocean

"I believe that we can provide everyone
with clean, safe drinking water
in my lifetime"

I believe that we can provide everyone with clean, safe drinking water in my lifetime - A @givemetap film:
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Together, let's put an end to this water crisis.

Your purchase will give a person in Africa clean drinking water for 5 years.

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