Nama, Namibia

Nama, Namibia


Tap Stats

Location: Nama, Namibia
Completed: November 2010
Impact: More than 1,200 people now have access to water!

About the Project

If you were among the first GiveMeTappers to buy your GiveMeTap Bottle in 2010, you made this happen!

In November 2010, we completed our first water project in the Nama village in Namibia. The Nama village is a particularly remote area of the Nyae Nyae Conservancy, located in Kahalari, just by the Botswana boarder at Gam. The water project in Nama was able to provide 1,200 people living in the area with access to clean water.

Thanks to you, GiveMeTap was able to support the All4One Namibia Water Project in conjunction with the Kalahari Peoples Fund, Accounting4Africa and The Redbush Tea Company to drill a borehole in the village. A pump, which included a 1,000 Litre storage tank, was then installed along with an irrigation system to provide water to a vegetable garden. Elephant proofing walls were added to provide protection for all of the equipment.


Unfortunately, at some point after the borehole was installed, termites attacked the region. The people relocated about 350-500m from where the borehole had previously been installed. GiveMeTap reconnected with the partners from the first project for a second project that was completed in 2012. The second project linked the borehole to new location of the villagers. Parts of the borehole were also reconstructed to increase the water pressure to facilitate the feeding of animals and to ensure that water was able to reach the new village site.