Kpakpalamuni, Wa in Ghana

Ghana- Kpakpalamuni

Tap Stats

Location: Kpakpalamuni, Wa, Ghana
Completed: July 2013
Impact: More than 850 people now have access to water!

About the Project

If you bought your GiveMeTap Bottle between December 2012 - June 2013, you made this happen!

Kpakpalamuni is a small community in the Wa municipality in the Upper West region of Ghana. The community houses about 850 people, with an overwhelming majority being women and children.

Before July 2013, the people of Kapakpalamuni had no source for safe drinking water. All water in the community came from a single stream. Water was drunk without any form of treatment, from this stream. Community members were also forced to compete with wildlife, like pigs, for the same water. During the peak of the dry season, the people had to dig into the stream basin to find water.

Thanks to you, Deloitte and ProNet in Ghana, the GiveMeTap Team was able to enter this rural African community and install a hand pump borehole. The people of Kpakpalamuni now have access to clean, safe water and are able to live without the fear of diseases.