GiveMeTap & Deloitte

The GiveMeTap & Deloitte Water Bottle

Get your bottle. Reduce waste. Fund water projects.

About the partnership

Deloitte has partnered with GiveMeTap to produce a specially designed 600ml reusable water bottle that is being given away to 15,500 members of staff. This will allow Deloitte staff to enjoy water in a more sustainable way - without wasting plastic cups. GiveMeTap uses the proceeds to provide safe, clean drinking water to people in Africa.

How do I get my bottle?

We hand out bottles at various induction events but they are available to anyone who already doesn't have one. 

In London, please email UK, Deloitte Environmental.

In regional offices, please get in touch with your local green champion.

In Switzerland, please email the Green Team (CH, Green Journey).


How this partnership makes a difference

Every bottle purchased gives a person in Africa access to clean water for 5 years.

Check out the latest water project that this partnership has help fund in the Upper West Region of Ghana, Wa.

GiveMeTap on the go

With your bottle you can get free tap water refills from our network of cafes and restaurants in the UK. Use the tap locator on our website, or download our smartphone app.

Tell your friends and family too!

They can grab a GiveMeTap bottle for just £10, by using the code 'DELOITTE' at checkout. 

Water for you. Water for everyone.