You are what you drink!

April 08, 2013

Have you ever heard the saying “You are what you eat”? Well we believe that, “You are what you drink” is a good alternative version of it. If we were to tell you, that by just drinking four GiveMeTap bottles full of fresh water a day, it will make you more beautiful - would you believe us?

Let us explain.

We humans have for many centuries sought a mythical fountain and a source of youth - if only more people had realised that water is the real source of youth. By drinking sufficient fresh water every day you will get better hair, skin and a healthier body! Clean water is the world’s best beauty elixir, and it’s free (just like our tap water scheme)!


If this wasn’t convincing enough, water is also quite possibly the single most important catalyst for losing weight, acting as a natural appetite suppressant to help maintain weight loss. Unlike expensive diet pills, water suppresses the appetite naturally and also helps the body metabolize our bodies stored fat. It sounds like magic, but it’s just simply water!

On average, dieticians would advise you to consume 1.2 litres (4 GiveMeTap bottles) a day, but as we suggested in a our ‘Feel Good’ post, you should find out specifically how much water yourbody needs.

Given the UK’s readily accessible clean water supply, having your fashionable, good looking, reusable GiveMeTap water bottle on the go means that you can always top up with water when you need it. Download the GiveMeTap iPhone App or search our 'Tap’ map to find places to refill. Now there is simply no excuse not to drink water!

So do you believe us now?

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