#WaterWednesday 'Peepoo Puts a Stop To Flying Toilets'

March 14, 2012

Areas deprived of adequate sanitation, end up resorting to bushes, latrines or the security of their home. The contents are then put into a plastic bag which is disposed in the streets. An appealing thought? We don’t think so. Is there a solution? Yes! Peepoo just came up with a product which is a slim bag with a larger liner tucked inside, both made of biodegradable plastic and designed to fit over a small pot. The smell is eliminated with granulated urea. What’s even better, you can make money from this little bag of contents! You take it to a drop-off point where you receive a refund because the contents are then sold for fertilisers. Is this genius or what?

The team here at GiveMeTap is quite impressed!

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