#ThirstyThursday Water Need

January 12, 2012

On my way home last night, I saw an advert with a picture of a dying tree and next to it read the words, ‘If a tree can not survive without water, how can a child?’ This statement was strong enough to inspire me in writing a blog post about the current global water accessibility crisis, (well current would be an unfitting term since this issue has existed for centuries, which is more of a reason to find a solution to).

According to current statistics presented by the World Health Organisation, 'Sub-Saharan Africa may collectively have terrible access to clean water (only 22% of Somalians have running drinking water, for instance), but the lowest rates in the world are Afghanistan. Only 22% of Afghanis have clean drinking water - and only 30% of them have proper sanitation facilities.’ Click here for a table outlining figures on access to clean water across the world.

The question is, what can we do? This clip helps us understand the power of a 'helping hand’. It’s benefits are strong enough to initiate a domino effect which means, together, we really can change the world! But how do we address this water accessibility issue? Buying a GiveMeTap bottle means 70% of your money will be going towards water projects, helping provide communities with clean drinking water. Our innovative business model puts us in line with other great social enterprises that work on addressing global issues, like Ecosia. Besides the benefit of minimising costs, and reducing plastic wastage, we really are helping heal our world :)

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