#ThirstyThursday - Water for Growth + Development in Africa

March 15, 2012

According to the reportrecently published by the World Water Council, ‘water security has two dimensions: resource available and its quality’. A central feature of water availability is ensuring effective governance of water resources. Protection as well as maintenance are two key factors to sustain water accessibility. 

'Water for Growth and Development conveys a global message to those working both inside and outside the international water community: Wise investments in managing and developing Africa’s water resources are integral to the future growth and prosperity of the continent.’ The continent is in need of investment as only a small proportion of governmental budgets are allocated to managing water resources for economical growth. Africa is a diverse continent with diverse cultures, economies and societies and investment needs to be context-specific for it to be effective. We understand this. GiveMeTap focus on understanding the community needs of where our water projects are initiated. We relate to the economical growth and the needs of the residents to ensure we are catering to their tastes. This is the kind of investment we all need to promote in order to protect water availability in areas like the African continent. 

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