Social Enterprise Boom

January 18, 2012

Rodney Schwartz from ClearlySo spoke about 3D investment models at the TATA Social Enterprise Conference a few months ago. His model showed how investors are now in search of a third element in addition to the risk and return of their investment: social impact. Investors are willing to receive a lower return in exchange for a higher social impact. It is this model that is driving the emergence of entrepreneurs and social enterprise’s in today’s economy and I am sure you will see the media covering all sorts of new products and services that cater for a social gap. Comfortable income and environments don’t seem to be enough anymore, employees are in search of much more. And organisations are beginning to understand this. The CR department of Deloitte is run by Bob Thust who is introducing a new scheme which offers investment opportunities for innovative social businesses. This essentially adds social value to the work of employees meaning increased job satisfaction.

It is safe to say that the world of business is no longer just about money, it’s about a whole lot more.

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