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September 04, 2013


As a part of our weekly series of heroes changing the world, this week we have chosen a water change-maker, Edwin Broni Mensah.

Not long ago from now, Edwin was exploring ways in which he could gain easy access to tap water across the streets of Manchester to aid his exercise regime. To his surprise, majority of the cafes refused to offer free tap water to anyone that was not a customer even though it would cost the business close to nothing.

To add to the water accessibility issue present locally in the UK, Edwin realised that millions of people in different continents had no access to safe drinking water. According to the High Level Forum on World Water Day 2013:

  • Today, 783 million people still remain without access to an improved water supply
  • Many more use water that is unsafe to drink
  • More than 2.5 billion people still lack improved sanitation
  • Open defecation is still practiced by 1.1 billion people

The statistics call out for a rescue mission that aims to solve the water crisis in developing nations with a sustainable solution.

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