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October 13, 2011

Life is really incredible. Everyday I am learning so many things about myself and the world around me. Two days ago, I was on the train heading to Beckton, London, to record a video interview for the show ‘Michela Meets’. I arrived at the location and thought I would check up on the progress of our mission - to reach 1000+ likes before the end of the day - because before I left the office, we were just 4 away from the target. As I arrived at the interview location I logged onto Facebook, via my mobile, and then searched for ’GiveMeTap’. Guess what?!!!!!!!

We did it! The GiveMeTap Facebook movement reached over 1000 people. With the help of my fellow GiveMeTapper’s, friends, and their friends, we were able to reach the target of 1000+ likes on Facebook. I love numbers (see previous post with math calculations); especially big, round and even ones.

I want to say a massive thank you to all those that have helped get us to this point. With your help we can really spread the mission of 'making clean drinking water easily accessible to every human in the world’. GiveMeTap is all about helping people and I am excited to see it is being powered by people who wish to help everyone too :)! Let’s raise our GiveMeTap bottles and toast all the new GiveMeTappers that have joined the movement - We welcome you!!

To see just how amazing the world is, guess what number building the interview was taking place at (see image below)? Amazing, right?

GiveMeTap reaches 1000

It must of been destined for this to happen on this day. Thank you all so much :). It’s time for a GiveMeTap Tap dance (screen coming to a cinema near you)!

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