Lioness' Story: How something as simple as water can save lives.

July 05, 2014


Lioness Dskonowbwe lives in a community riddled with widespread diarrhoea and many people had to spend a lot of their time and money at the health clinic being treated for illnesses like cholera. 

Clean water sources are so far away and travelling to them several times a day is a time-consuming and sometimes dangerous activity. Lioness told us about the benefits of having a water pump closer to her community.

Since the GiveMeTap pump’s installation there have been no serious cases of cholera and people are generally much healthier. Also they have more time for more productive things like working and going to school, which means they are much happier.

Lioness’s story is a prime example of how something as simple as clean water can not only effectively eradicate diseases but also eliminate the dangers of searching for water. It’s so simple!

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