Lets provide safe drinking water and sanitation across the world!

April 18, 2013

With 22nd March marking World Water Day, tackling water provision and sanitation problems was high on everyone’s agenda at The Hague. Some compelling statistics were revealed by the High Level Forum press release including:

  • Today, 783 million people sill remain without access to an improved water supply
  • Many more use water that is unsafe to drink
  • More than 2.5 billion people still lack improved sanitation
  • Open defecation is still practiced by 1.1 billion people

Such strong facts can no longer go ignored with so many of the world’s population deprived of the right to safe drinking water and sanitation. GiveMeTap wants to help this cause starting today and we need your help!

Water is a crucial element of every aspect of life including social, economic and environmental development. “Lack of sanitation is holding back progress in other areas including child and maternal health, girl’s education, nutrition, gender equity and economic growth.”



Placing focus on this detrimental issue will help eradicate world poverty and support global sustainable development as indicated by the Forum. The report goes on to say that “innovative, inclusive and sustainable financing mechanisms for water need to be implemented.”

We are of the belief that GiveMeTap fits this criteria along with other really awesome water movements that are striving to tackle this issue. Our “Recap: How our Social Business Works” post captured our approach to targeting water provision problems and we strongly recommend that you have a read as well as visit our GiveMeTap website to learn all about how you and our team can work together to serve the global water deprived communities. Let’s put our Superhero caps on and get to work!

Come tell us how you would like to help make a difference to this global crisis on our Twitterand Facebook page :) 

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