Hip Hip Hoooraaay!!! Celebrations Are In Order!!

September 14, 2011

As you may or may not have already guessed by now, we’re a very smiley bunch of lads and lasses here at the GiveMeTap HQ. We’re pretty much happy all of the time and always do our best to look on the bright side of life, because to be quite frank things could be a lot worse.

So with all that said, we’ve got some terrifically brilliant news to share with you and the rest of the world, because it just wouldn’t make sense for us to keep it to ourselves. Are you ready for it? Well…After previously having difficulties reaching water on our first attempt, because of the thick hard limestone that was beneath the sand, we are delighed to announce that we’ve Struck Water!


*Edwin does the GiveMeTapTap Dance* Take A Look!

*continued cheering*

Yes we’re that excited, and you should be too!! Because without all your help and your unwavering dedication to the GiveMeTap movement, none of this would have been possible. We’d like to say a mahussive Well Done and Thankyou to every single GiveMeTapper who has bought one of our super cool metallic blue stainless steel water bottles. Your financial support has gone an extremely long way (all the way to Botswana to be precise), in helping to provide a safe and secure source of clean water to a community of 60 people in a small village in Botswana called Labala.

We had to drill 82 metres deep in order to locate the water, because the land there has become so dry and derelict due to negligence, so consequently it’s really difficult to extort any water from there. It’s hard to believe that before we struck water, the people of Labala had to walk a 14km round trip just to get water Have a read of this. But now they can access clean water without having to leave their vicinity as the pump is just a stone’s throw away from their village.

And just to let you know, that this blog piece would be incomplete if we didn’t acknowledge and appreciate the amazing contribution and heartfelt support of The Redbush Tea company, with whom we have had the privilege to work very closely with and who have helped immensely to make all this happen. The Redbush Tea company rock!

Woohoo!! We are absolutely over the moon right now and so are the people of the Labala village in Botswana….we’ve got everyone smiling from ear to ear!! :-D

It really is smiles all round! Feel free to pass on the good news to all your friends, family and foes alike and of course to your fellow water buddies!

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