Give a friend & child in Africa water for life

December 12, 2012


A bottle that’s not just for Christmas

Feeling festive? Spread the love this Christmas to friends you know and friends across the globe. By buying just two GiveMeTap bottles this year, you will be giving a friend here at home, and a person in Africa the gift of water for life. Plus, for everyone two bottles you get FREE UK Delivery.
A GiveMeTap bottle makes the perfect gift, helping to spread a movement which cares about your health, the environment and our fellow human beings.
So, before you spend your hard-earned cash on  gifts for friends and family this Christmas, consider this: Will it enhance their life? Will it change another life? Will it help to save the world? 
GiveMeTap is the voice of those desperately seeking to quench their thirst and  , dodging deadly diseases as a matter of course. So don’t give to receive this year, give to give and Get GiveMeTap this Christmas.

The stylish GiveMeTap re-usable bottle;  for you,  for a friend,  for life.

Have a delightful Christmas


Edwin & The GiveMeTap Team

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