Funny Fridays

July 15, 2011

It’s Friday!! Which for us at GiveMeTap is all about having a little bit of fun and sharing that with you!

For this Funny Friday installment I wanted to share an interesting story that inspired a fun thing at GiveMeTap. I remember being at awards day and having the following funny conversation:

Reception Staff: ‘So Edwin, what is the name of your business?’

Me: 'I run a social enterprise called GiveMeTap.’

Reception Staff: 'Oh whoa, so is that about Tap dancing!!?? That must be really cool’

Me: ’(laughed) Yes it is! ’

Reception Staff: 'Come on then. Give us a little demo’

Me:'hmmmm….OK (then I danced)’

And so the GiveMeTap Tap dance was born. We do this dance when something great happens. Check out me doing my best Tap dance below. Practice the dance too and send me your best attempt!

If you’ve got something funny to share, drop us a line at

Enjoy the weekend People!

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