Digital Love: The Bottled Water Debacle

January 08, 2013

Digital Love: The Bottled Water Debacle:


I was about to post on a product I stumbled across called ThankYou Bottled Water, which, in a nutshell is paired with an app called ‘Track your impact’ - By buying a bottle of ThankYou water, your $1 contribution will go directly towards to the fresh drinking water projects developing countries….

I came across this post today from Digital Love and thought to myself this is exactly why we set up GiveMeTap. So that people could still enjoy water by refilling at taps on the go, reduce plastic waste, while helping to fund water projects through the purchase of GiveMeTap bottles

Gaining access to water on the go is important and we (at GiveMeTap) want to make sure that you can do that in the most sustainble way possible.

Digital Love, what do you think of our initiative - GiveMeTap?

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