Did Someone Say Social Enterprise?

September 27, 2011

Besides the refreshing feeling of gulping down a free tap-water refill from a super cool metallic blue GiveMeTap bottle, the team here at GiveMeTap are also really passionate about social enterprise. In a nutshell, we get really excited about causes, organisations and charities that seek to help others and improve the lives of humanity in fun, innovative and cost effective ways. We’re especially really keen to get involved in projects that provide and promote easy access to the world’s most essential resource-Water! 

So, we were delighted when Social Enterprise UK decided to help us spread our ‘water for us, water for everyone message’ by publishing a feature piece on GiveMeTap on their website! Plus they’ve managed to snap up a really snazzy picture of Edwin (the water guy) which we think you’ll find quite funny!

Check out the article here:


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