CorkScrew to the rescue

April 12, 2013


Towards the end of the year, the team at GiveMeTapcame together an discussed us going back to our roots and sharing our work with those people wishing to stay health and hydrated through sports.

I was thinking to myself: “Where are we going to find great designers and photographers to help us create the required content for our marketing campaign?” I went onto Twitterthat day and was going through our list of new followers (I really enjoy connecting with our GiveMeTappers!), when I stumbled upon Tom Brushwood. He was an excellent designer and also was the founder of an amazing organisation, called Cork-Screw that recruits young aspiring social entrepreneurs to work on projects with existing social businesses. I dropped him a note, and quickly drew up a proposal. 

Corkscrew then assigned 8 amazing people to work on our new campaign. They helped us with photograph, recruiting cafes and gyms, press releases, blog posts, creating website ad banners, and more! They did such a fantastic job. I was completely blown away by their talent and hard work.

You can see these rockstars in the picture above. From left to right they are: Rasmus, Mark, Anna, Rory, Amy, Gary. Neil and Connell. I really want to hire them to come and work at GiveMeTap :)

From everyone at GiveMeTap HQ, we thank Cork-Screw and encourage more social businesses to work with them.

Much love.


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