Can a supermarket help save the planet?! This one thinks so...

June 30, 2014

Every time I throw away the box once containing my blueberries, I cringe inside. I could have easily stored those little bubbles of anti-oxidants in my range of Tuppaware at home. There was just no need for the plastic!

I was therefore EXTREMELY excited to share this amazing crowd-funded idea with you guys. Original Unverpackt is the first supermarket to not provide packaging, but instead store produce in large bins. You can bring your packaging from home and fill up, a bit like a pic n mix but for groceries!

 The goals [as explained by 1 million women.]

- To remodel the consumer world and the shopping experience, so waste-free is the norm.

- No packaging waste after shopping.

- No “fad words” or fake consumer promises, just real food with real ingredients.

- Drastically reduced food waste – the aim is to buy just enough, rather than oversized packages of food that end up going out of date before getting consumed.

- The end of overflowing garbage bins.

- Drastically reduce carbon emissions. Our food and packaging waste are huge contributors to landfill and greenhouse gases. 

Although the video is in German, the visual are awesome enough for you to figure out just how it works and realise how revolutionary this could be for mainstream consumption. Thousands of tonnes of plastic and card packaging ends up in landfill every year, despite being recycled by consumers. Let’s nip this in the bud by using sustainable resources such as stainless steel & glass.

Original Unverpackt - Der neue Supermarkt from Original Unverpackt on Vimeo.

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