Water changes everything: Valentina's story

June 28, 2014


At 67, Valentina is a mother to 8 children and a grandmother to many more. In a village with no clean water source, Water-borne diseases meant that 6 of her children didn’t finish school as they were to ill to go. She explained how malaria was a growing threat to the community due to previous open wells around the village,

Since the GiveMeTap Elephant Pump was built in Valentina’s village, there have been ZERO cases of malaria. Water-borne diseases have been significantly reduced in the community and the quality of life for people in the community has sky-rocketed.

Valentina’s children and grandchildren can now go to school more regularly without risks, which is very important to her; she believes that education is the key to development on a local and regional scale. 

Seeing first hand the impacts of your GiveMeTap bottles is a very surreal experience. We don’t just improve communities, each individual life is touched in such a significant way. We can’t wait to share more stories with you from the field.

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