GiveMeTap partners with Deloitte to help fund water projects in Africa and reduce plastic cup waste

July 31, 2013

Young social enterprise, GiveMeTap, has partnered with leading business advisory firm, Deloitte, securing a contract to provide the firm’s UK staff with reusable GiveMeTap water bottles.

As part of Deloitte’s Green Journey, its commitment to being a more environmentally responsible business, the firm is purchasing 12,500 GiveMeTap bottles, to reduce the millions of plastic cups that are thrown away in its offices every single year.

Earlier this year, Deloitte gave away the first 5,000 bottles to staff. A resounding success, within 90 minutes, not only was every single GiveMeTap bottle claimed, but over 2000 people pre-registered to get one of the next batch.  Deloitte has reduced its plastic cup wastage by nearly 20% in the six months since the launch.

The GiveMeTap Story

GiveMeTap was founded by Edwin Broni-Mensah, after experiencing difficulties in accessing tap water when away from home. He realised that while we have some of the best water here in the UK, we’re continually made to consume it out of billions of single-use plastic bottles. Whereas in Africa, 300 million people have access to highly polluted water and have no choice but to drink it.

That’s when he realised that through a stylish reusable water bottle, he could help both people here and aboard. To achieve this, Edwin made a commitment to provide one person in Africa with access to clean water for every two GiveMeTap bottles purchased. And enable the owner of each GiveMeTap bottle to easily get free water refills from partnering shops across the UK. 

Water for You. Water for Everyone.