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The Impacts - who we work with

Our Water Project Partners

We partner with experienced NGO's that work with the local community so that we can provide the best possible solutions for clean water. Our partners are on the ground and present individual projects based on the needs of the community. If they met our criteria, we give them the funds collected from sales of GiveMeTap bottles so they can build a pump and make the magic happen.

Partners keep us posted on the entire process so we can share the entire journey with you, from funding to drilling to that first splash of water. We then work with our partners to ensure that every community understands how to maintain their pump and is educated on sanitation. Sustainability is everything.

We only fund projects that:

Give priority to the needs and interests of the people they serve

Encourage self-reliance and have community participating to help avoid creating dependency.

Elect a water committee to ensure long-term sustainable access to water.

Seek to enhance gender equity by appointing women on the water committee.