Chafulumira, Malawi

Chafulumira, Malawi

Tap Stats

Location: Chafulumira, Mchinji, Malawi
Completed: August 2012
Impact: More than 100 people now have access to water!

About the Project

If you bought your GiveMeTap Bottle in 2011/2012, you made this happen!

The Mchinji region is located near the Zambian Border and suffers from frequent droughts. The project provided more than 100 people, the overwhelming majority of which were children, with access to clean water.

GiveMeTap was able to partner with Pump Aid to fund the construction of an elephant pump adapted from an ancient Chinese technology. It is composed of rope, plastic pipes, rubber washers and a winding wheel. This simple design makes it easy for villagers to use and maintain.

Thanks to you and Pump Aid, the people of Chafulumira now have access to clean, safe water and the opportunity to enjoy a better standard of living as a result.