Why talking to our bottle users is crucial, and why we've stopped selling our sports lids

September 30, 2014

We always love sharing with you our thoughts and the decisions we make along this journey as a for-purpose business. We know you don’t want to know our entire life history (we’ll save that for the book!), but when it comes to making decisions that effect our GiveMeTap community, it’s important for us to let you know exactly what’s been going on. 

On Thursday, we decided to say ‘goodbye’ to our 500ml sports caps by removing them all from our online shop. This means that, for the moment, only the 600ml bottles and the 500ml Classic bottles with screw cap are available online. Although this means that it will be a little while until our regular bottles are back in business, here are some reasons why we feel it is the right decision:

1) Last Wednesday, I arranged to have a coffee with an awesome GiveMeTapper, Teijinder, who was helping us out with some market research. As an avid user of the 500ml Sports Cap, she explained that the sports cap wasn’t as usable as the screw cap, and that the carabiner unusable when the bottle was full…That’s a bit awkward.

2) After taking this feedback straight to GMT HQ. All of us realised that we mainly used the 600ml bottles and hardly ever used the sports cap. How can we offer a product that we aren’t really using much ourselves? Double Awkward!

3) We decided to retest the sports cap, and quickly realised that the flow of water was somewhat slow, which is not the best when you really need to get a mouthful of water! Triple Awkward. 


Those were enough 'awkward turtle’ moments for us to realise that we needed to make some changes to the lids design, and fast. We’re committed to bringing you the best quality water bottles possible, and the sports cap just didn’t make the cut. We’re looking into producing a better sports variation so that easy access to water is guaranteed. Although we want to be able to fund water projects (SO EXCITED TO SHARE SOME NEWS SOON!) by selling lots of GiveMeTap bottles, they have to be the best they can be.

This is why we just love talking to you and getting feedback on everything we do. It helps us get better, helps you stay hydrated, and means we can provide clean water to those currently without. Thanks for taking the ride with us and telling us when our seatbelt isn’t quite tight enough. This is what makes our community awesome. 

We want to make sure you enjoy using your bottle, so if you would like a screw cap lid to replace your sports cap on the 500ml bottle, drop us an email at sales@givemetap.co.uk. We will then send you a screw cap, on us, as soon as they become available. 

Big Love, 

Edwin & Sanum xx

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