More News!! Things are hardly ever still or silent here at the...

October 27, 2011

More News!!

Things are hardly ever still or silent here at the GiveMeTap Towers. We’re always on the move, whether we’re meeting new people who share our passion for tap water and sustainability or brainstorming ideas for fun and fresh ways to spread our ‘water for you, water for everyone’ message to as many people as possible, there’s always something new and interesting going on atGiveMeTap!!

And as you know, we’re committed to keeping you our faithful and loyal GiveMeTappers in the loop, so here’s a snapshot of what we’ve been up to.

This past week, Edwin aka 'The Water Guy’ aka the guy with the signature cheesy grin (you can’t miss it!) was invited to attend the Water Hackathon, an event where techies and water experts sit down together to think of ways in which we can use the latest and fastest technology to solve the world’s water problems.

Altogether, it was a superb event and Edwin had the privilege of meeting some really incredible people in the water space, such asWSUP (Water & Sanitation for the Urban Poor) andAKVO. Both amazing organisations!

Later on in the day AKVO caught up with Edwin to have a chat about GiveMeTap and what it is that we do and why we do it. It’s great interview snippet, so why not check it out! And better yet, share it with your friends on Facebook and Twitter!

Do you know what would be even better? If you could leave a comment too!

Thanks GiveMeTappers and Adios! :-D

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