Let there be WATER!

July 04, 2013


The best thing about doing what we do at GiveMeTap, is seeing the fruits of our labour - clean water for African Villages. We are so proud to announce the successful drilling in Kpakpalamuni, North Ghana (I dare you to try and pronounce this right the first time!)

Kpakpalamuni Village is home to 700 people who have lived in danger of disease and suffering due to dangerous water sources. Interestingly, there are significantly more women and many children in the Village, who are more vulnerable to the threats of unsafe water. 

It is thanks to all of you who are part of the GiveMeTap movement, the people of Kpakpalamuni now have access clean water and more importantly, the opportunity to enjoy a better standard of living as a result. 

Great job, GiveMeTappers. By staying hydrated and reducing your own carbon footprint, you have simultaneously given these people water for life. Share this great news with all your friends and family.

From all of us at GMT HQ, WE THANK YOU ALL!

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