Save plastic, save money, save the world with Give Me Tap

September 24, 2013

Posted at 10:00 am, September 23, 2013 in DealsFood & DrinkSecret London
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You know the feeling. You’ve been traipsing around town with your mother/lover/BFF in search of the latest jumper/handcuffs/fancy dress outfit, and now you’re as dehydrated as a sprat on a South Asian beach. But if you, like us, think that forking out £1.20 for a miniscule bottle of mineral water is an outrage (not to mention an unnecessary use of plastic), then check out Give Me Tap. This new scheme maps out over 100 cafés and shops (and counting) that have agreed to give all you lovely people free tap water refills, without the obligation of buying anything. Just make sure you have an empty cup or bottle with you (as cupping your hands and dripping all over their floor is probably frowned upon). Or if you really want to save the world (who doesn’t?), buy yourself a ‘bottle for life’, which will in turn help fund ‘clean drinking water’ projects in Africa. Tania Ballantine

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