GiveMeTap - Making our world a fountain

July 31, 2011

A Simple Idea. Leading to Great Changes

70% of profits from Give Me Tap are used to fund independent water projects in regions where it’s needed most, including Namibia.

The concept of GiveMeTap was dreamt up by Edwin-Broni-Mensahin 2010 and it has since won him an award as "most outstanding black graduate in Britain 2010". The idea is you buy a reusable bottle (£7) made from recycled aluminium from the Give Me Tap website and take it into any cafe or restaurant which has signed up as a "provider" of the scheme.

Think globally and drink locally
The bottle is then filled with tap water for free, which helps reduce the plastic wastage in landfill sites and saves you money. 70% of the cost of each bottle is then channeled back into independent water projects helping communities across Africa to install clean water pumps. Through their 'Giving Back' strategy GiveMeTap give 70% of the price of the bottle sales are used to fund independent water projects.

Water For Us. Water For Everyone

The Green Effect
GiveMeTap is not just about fewer bottles, less recycling and money savings, it's about understanding why those things are a problem today, and finding innovative and sustainable solutions. We envision a future where around every corner there is access to the gift of fresh water. GiveMeTap are always looking for ways to make drinking water hassle-free, fast, and cheap when you need it most: on-the-go.

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